Jakob Reinhardt



I am proud to be Tanglewood Guitars artist.

DAW: Nuendo 10, Logic Pro X

Interfaces: Universal Apollo Twin Duo MKII, Universal Audio Apollo 8

Instruments: James Tyler Black Classic (Stratocaster), Fender Elite Tele (Telecaster), Hagström F200p (SG), Hagström Viking (12 String Electric), Tanglewood Heritage 1000 (Acoustic), Guild F2512E (12 String Acoustic), Paris Swing Gypsy (Gypsy-Style Acoustic), Paco Castillo 222 CE (Nylon String), Fender Bustler (Banjo), Kentucky Master-built (Mandolin), Lanikai Hawaii (Ukulele)

Amplifiers: ENGL 5765, Blackheart Handsome Devil, Fender Blues Jr, AXE FX II MKII, Universal Audio Guitar Amp Plugins

Pedals: Mad Professor Little Green Wonder, Suhr Riot, MXR 78 Distortion, MXR Dynacomp, EH Holy Grail, EH Nano Clone, Boss DD-3, Cry Baby, AXE FX MKII

Mics & Preamps: Neuman KMS105, AKG P420, SM57, AT4041. My preamps and audio converters are in the latest version (MK II) of the Apollo Twin Duo by Universal Audio. I primarily use UA's suites of unions technology channels strips (Neve and UA 610) and compressors (UA 1076 series) and the RealVerb-Pro space designer for mixing. I usually EQ with a Helios 69 or Pultec Legacy plugin in addition to the channel strip's EQ.


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